Affordable original oil paintings by Roxanne Dyer

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Affordable original oil paintings by Roxanne Dyer

Roxanne Dyer creates affordable original oil paintings and offers a selection of the artwork in prints.  Her primary focus is oil painting and drawing.  Most noteworthy are the artist’s works of figures, florals, teacups, satin and organza bows, hot air balloons and sky-scapes.  In addition there are various new subjects in the works.  Specifically regarding the human form, Roxanne creates portrait interpretations. These include abstractions of the figure and objects representing the figure, such as mannequins. In addition, oil paintings of her florals depict tulips, roses, irises and lilies mainly rooted in their earthy environment.  Important to note, on offer is a selection of artwork sizes to accommodate a range of budgets.  Read more here….

Watch the video about the teacup oil painting titled “Cracked” now!

“Cracked” was exhibited at the WOMEN’S ART SOCIETY OF MONTREAL 2016 Juried Exhibition, May 28th & 29th at the CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, GREY NUNS PAV. 1190 GUY ST, Montreal Quebec.  “CRACKED”, an oil painting of one of my Mom’s teacups, broken & glued back together won first prize, in the exhibition themed “Breaking Boundaries”.  

Watch the video of “Cracked”, an oil painting mini tutorial.

About the oil painting titled “Cracked”

This video presents the launch of a new oil painting subject, “TeaCUPS”.  Here’s a little on my inspiration for the subject… 

The custom of “having tea” is ubiquitous around the world.  It’s a ritual of preparing, serving and savouring tea, sharing one experience often as a prelude to another.  Among the other objects and underlying ideas, my collection of teacup paintings  represents personal experiences and discussions that occurred over tea.  I recently traveled to Great Britain and Ireland to connect with my roots and ponder treasured memories sharing tea and conversation, especially with my mother.  In conclusion, I painted this series of “TeaCUP” paintings most of all to celebrate these experiences and reminisce the wonderful relationships in my life.   If you enjoy the video, feel free to share it and leave a comment below.

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