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Watch the video about the teacup oil painting titled “Cracked” now!

“Cracked” was exhibited at the WOMEN’S ART SOCIETY OF MONTREAL 2016 Juried Exhibition, May 28th & 29th at the CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, GREY NUNS PAV. 1190 GUY ST, Montreal Quebec.  “CRACKED”, an oil painting of one of my Mom’s teacups, broken & glued back together won first prize, in the exhibition themed “Breaking Boundaries”.  

TeaCUP Paintings

Watch the video of “Cracked”, an oil painting mini tutorial.

About the oil painting titled “Cracked”

This video presents the launch of a new oil painting subject, “TeaCUPS”.  Here’s a little on my inspiration for the subject… 

The custom of “having tea” is ubiquitous around the world.  It’s a ritual of preparing, serving and savouring tea, sharing one experience often as a prelude to another.  Among the other objects and underlying ideas, my collection of teacup paintings  represents personal experiences and discussions that occurred over tea.  I recently traveled to Great Britain and Ireland to connect with my roots and ponder treasured memories sharing tea and conversation, especially with my mother.  In conclusion, I painted this series of “TeaCUP” paintings most of all to celebrate these experiences and reminisce the wonderful relationships in my life.   If you enjoy the video, feel free to share it and leave a comment below.

Watch the video about the oil painting series “Duchess” presented at the “Feminine Insight” Art Exhibition  November 2016 now! … & read about our special event to benefit the Alzheimer Society of Montreal.

With a focus on representational artwork: paintings of figures, florals, objects etc. our goal in the “Feminine Insight” Exhibition was to create elegant & sensitive paintings through which the viewer can connect with their deepest emotions.  Painting is visual story telling, when inspired we believe it can become a catalyst for creativity in others in all areas of their lives. We hope that through sharing our feminine insight, the viewers will recognize that in many ways it is also theirs; as such our paintings become a charge to connect with each other as human beings.

Watch the video of the Feminine Insight Art Exhibition vernisage.

I have sweet childhood memories of drinking copious amounts of tea with my dolls & imaginary friend “Bacci”.  We sat around my minikin wooden table, laid out with a china tea set, & gobbled up lots of scones with jam.  As I grew up, my Mom & I shared lots of tea & conversation.  Knowing only how to make a “proper” pot of tea, Mom always insisted on serving in “china” teacups.  She  had a few, very lovely pieces, but mostly, she enjoyed her tea from a delicate cup with large yellow roses.  My love of a “good” cup of tea was inherited from my mother, & I now have in my possession several of her favourite teacups.  “Cracked”, an oil painting of one of the teacups from my Mom’s collection is now beautifully situated in it’s new home in Nova Scotia.

About the “DUCHESS” oil painting collection 

Lately, I received a generous & splendid gift of teacups from my friend, Roslyn.  These gorgeous pieces had long been family heirlooms.  While downsizing & considering who might appreciate & make the best use of these timeless delicate objects, Roslyn decided to offer them to me.  I expect she didn’t think they would become the subject of a painting collection…. well, good for everyone, ..you know?  Having met more than… well,…it was a long while ago,… & knowing her well, as a nod to the spirit Roslyn embodies, I titled this collection of teacup oil paintings “Duchess.”

About our special event “Tea & Conversation” to benefit the Alzheimer Society of Montreal:


     From November 10th to 14th, 2016 I presented, along with my friend & fellow visual artist Homeira Mortazavi, an exhibition of our paintings titled “Feminine Insight.”  The exhibition  described our personal stories in visual narratives.

     On November 12th 2016, the “Feminine Insight” Art Exhibition hosted a special event, “Tea & conversation” to benefit the Alzheimer’s Society of Montreal.  The essence of our “Tea & Conversation” concept to benefit the Alzheimer Society of Montreal was to bring our communities together in an artistic environment to meet & share stories that honour their loved ones & enrich their lives. It was our deepest desire, with the launch of this event that our efforts contribute to the incalculable benefits & compassion that the Society provides to those affected by the disease as well as their loved ones.

     Vital services such as education, support, respite & stimulation have developed over the years with “particular attention given to the cultural diversity.” The Society’s educational mandate is “to sensitize the public & promote a better understanding of the variety of Alzheimer’s & related disease & the services available to them.” Among the services, regular Art Therapy sessions & Activity Centres provide fun & stimulating engagement for people living with the disease & much needed respite time for their caregivers.

     Last year was the 10th anniversary of my Mom’s passing; how much better her last years would have been had we access to these services. Homeira lost her Mom to Alzheimer disease in April 2016; the abundance & generosity of help her family received was worth its weight in gold. How many people are touched by the consequences of this disease?….

     While we like to imagine our futures bright, we must be ever vigilant. Your presence & your investment are valuable contributions & vital in keeping the cherished legacy the Alzheimer Society has created for us, robust & thriving. Thank you to everyone who attended the launch of “Tea & Conversation” to benefit the Alzheimer Society, on November 12, 2016.  Your generosity was greatly appreciated.

 With warm regards,  





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Peony 2 oil painting

Peony #2 oil painting by artist Roxanne Dyer.

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Beauty, grace and refinement are the qualities Roxanne Dyer explores when painting the sublime peony.  Peonies are especially lovely and generously offer many opportunities to create gorgeous arrangements that beautify the intimate universe, your home, your life.  Roxanne explores the peony’s personality liberally and arrives with a composition that is very much about the essence of “the peony”.  They are gorgeous…they represent all that is beautiful in our world…simultaneously strong and delicate, light but dramatic, moving but serene.  This image is based on Roxanne’s original oil painting titled “Peony Impressions #1” Click on this link to visit the “Peony Impressions” Art Print Collection  All printed products are made to order of the finest materials available and delivered to your door. Accessories/ frame etc. not included. (shipping included) Enjoy!