Pansies poster print

//Pansies poster print

Pansies poster print


The Pansies poster print is from original oil painting titled “Many Thoughts” by visual artist Roxanne Dyer.  This lovely image was created from a bunch of miniature pansies Roxanne collected into a small jar and photographed years ago.  A favourite of her Dad’s and with a shared sense of humour they agreed the tiny flowers reminded them of cartoon pirates.  The word “pansies” is derived from the french “pense” which means “thoughts”…and since there were many of those little flowers in the bunch the painting was titled “Many Thoughts”.

Dimensions: 24″ (w) x 24″ (h)

Colours: luscious reds, pinks, rich yellows, white, creams, elegant greens, neutrals

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Dimensions: 24″ (w) x 24″ (h)

Poster print on paper

Breathing Color Photo paper

  • Glossy finish, coated smooth shiny surface
  • Paper weight of 300gsm
  • Optic White
  • Vibrant color prints with with deep black
  • Susceptible to fingerprints or bends; handle with care



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