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The “Duchess” Teacup Images

About the image...

About the Duchess 6 image:

The Duchess prints are from the original oil paintings of the “Duchess” series.  In this image a deep garnet toned teacup with gold accents is presented on an embroidered linen napkin floating across a marble surface.  The accented rim of the teacup & beautifully curved handle are illuminated by a nearby window.  Light fills the saucer reflecting shapes & colours like so many memories upon the translucent china surface that encircle this tiny vessel.  A gleaming silver spoon is tucked just left of the saucer.

About the Teacups:

I received a splendid gift of teacups.  These gorgeous pieces had been family heirlooms of a long time friend, Roslyn.  While downsizing & considering who might appreciate & make the best use of these timeless delicate objects, she decided to offer them to me.  Having met ages ago,… & knowing her well, as a nod to the spirit Roslyn embodies, I titled this collection of teacup oil paintings “Duchess.”

This image of Duchess #6 is for display purposes only; the printed canvases measure 10″(w) x 7.5″(h) & are slightly smaller than the original oil painting (12″ x 9″) pictured here.  Frames, dolls, accessories etc. are not included or available to purchase.

IMPORTANT before you order…  Be sure to review Art Of Where policies, especially production / shipping & returns etc. as orders are not refundable.