“Inside Out” Art Exhibition, June 16 to July 15, ’18

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“Inside Out ” the exhibition.  

As long as I can remember…

I’ve always felt like a little girl.  I attributed this to feelings of insecurity, immaturity until a few years ago.  Now I understand it was the playful child in me; as one friend observed, “…it’s your creative self.”  This is my current inner self.

The inside is white, bright, an aspect of the yang and brimming with potential.  In this part of the diptych the idea of myself as a young child with 3 pieces of seeded fruit symbolizes knowledge, immortality, beauty and love, becoming all together an idea for holding the seeds of the future.  

Outer self as subject… this is the “now” me, the artist. Here I explored the yin principle, the feminine creative, in a simple portrait of myself, serene in the darkness and holding my tools of choice, a little intense, contemplative and productive.  

The outer self, yin, part of the diptych is the natural compliment to inner self, yang. Presentation of the diptych with two interlocking and complimentary aspects are reflected in the light appearance, whites and soft greys, of the “inner self” (child with fruit) and dark compliment, black and deep greys, “outer self” (artist with brushes). And as with Yin-Yang, each part holds the seed of the other, flowing back and forth into the other creating a constant cycle. Ultimately, red apples are complimented with a sanguine hint of pink in the lips.

This work focuses on two equal (but not the same) versions of the self portrait: “Inside Out” 

Artist:  Roxanne Dyer

Title:  “As long as I can remember…” o/c, 24″ x 36″

(diptych details: artist with brushes / child with seeded fruit )

You are invited to our vernissage…

Inside Out Art Exhibition invitation images

About the exhibition:

“Inside Out” is a various media group exhibition, the focus is on two equal (but not the same) versions of the self portrait.  We are 22 artists participating in this exhibition.


Title of the Exhibition:  “Inside Out”

Dates:  Saturday, June 16 to Sunday, July 15, 2018

Vernissage:  Sunday, June 17, 2018 from 1 to 3 p.m

Location:  Galerie de la Ville

centre des arts de / dollard centre for the arts

12001 boul. de Salaberry , DDO, que, H9B 2A7

Contact:  514-684-1012 ext. 298,

Website:  www.centreartdollard.com

(parking available on site)

“As long as I can remember…” (detail: “child with seeded fruit”)



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About the Author:

Capturing light to render it’s effects is one reason Roxanne loves to create art. Preferred subjects for her oil paintings are the human form, florals in their environment, still life including teacups and satin bows, skyscapes and hot air balloons. Her current focus is the figure in portrait painted with a view to expressing emotion by capturing light and rendering it’s effects. With a painting career spanning 20 years, Roxanne completed her Fine Arts degree at Concordia University in 1998.  An exhibitor in numerous group and solo exhibitions, Roxanne’s original artwork has won several awards, hangs in collections internationally and has been published in InternationalArtist.com Magazine. A finalists in the 2008 fine art competition Roxanne’s painting L’Habilleuse was featured in the November 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine’s Competition Spotlight. Roxanne is currently developing a body of work for exhibition in 2019. Spring 2018 she attended an art workshop given by David A. Leffel, Sherrie McGraw and Jacqueline Kaman of The Artists Guild in Santa Fe. Roxanne traveled to Italy in 2013 to attend artist David Jon Kassan’s workshop at the JSS in Civita Castellana.


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Peony 2 oil painting

Peony #2 oil painting by artist Roxanne Dyer.

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Beauty, grace and refinement are the qualities Roxanne Dyer explores when painting the sublime peony.  Peonies are especially lovely and generously offer many opportunities to create gorgeous arrangements that beautify the intimate universe, your home, your life.  Roxanne explores the peony’s personality liberally and arrives with a composition that is very much about the essence of “the peony”.  They are gorgeous…they represent all that is beautiful in our world…simultaneously strong and delicate, light but dramatic, moving but serene.  This image is based on Roxanne’s original oil painting titled “Peony Impressions #1” Click on this link to visit the “Peony Impressions” Art Print Collection  All printed products are made to order of the finest materials available and delivered to your door. Accessories/ frame etc. not included. (shipping included) Enjoy!