About the Santa Fe Art Workshop…

In March I attended a workshop given by artists David A. Leffel, Sherrie McGraw & Jacqueline Kamin of The Artists Guild.  I’m very excited to share with you what I learned through the experience, tips and ideas as well as a new project and series of artwork I’ve been inspired to create because of the workshop with The Artists Guild.

Watch the videos from the workshop:

#1 Video Clip  (duration: 30 seconds)

#2 Video Clip  (duration: 30 seconds)

#3 Video Clip  (duration: 30 seconds)

#4 Video Clip  (duration: 30 seconds)

“Painting Project ’18” is a series of video clips that will document the creation of a body of new artwork inspired by the 3 fine artists of The Artists Guild and the techniques and colour pallet from the Santa Fe Art Workshop.   Video clips will be posted online in the coming months as I create new artwork.

Follow the “Painting Project ’18” as it develops, on roxannedyer.com, VIMEO, Instagram, and Facebook.

I hope you enjoy the videos; please leave a comment below or share your experience about a fabulous workshop you’ve attended. Feel free to share the clips.

About the video clips…

In clip #1 you can see David A. Leffel’s demo, on painting an idea through composition, two of Sherrie McGraw’s demos as well as her pallet, Jacqueline Kamin on stage, and her still life demo of fresh roses with a bowl .  It was an amazing 10 days,… learning new techniques and exploring a fresh pallet.

The workshop was very intense.  David, Sherrie & Jacqueline circulated among us constantly, generously sharing their expertise & insight.  I’d waited a very long time for this opportunity; and I’ll say, without a doubt this has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my artistic career… to have the opportunity to get feedback from such talented individuals, to just be able to quietly listen and take it all in.  The workshop was filled with eager students, many highly skilled artists.  It was such a treat to meet & discuss with them.  I have many fond memories.

Jacqueline Kamin‘s demo is the featured thumbnail on this video.

In video #2 I’m presenting the pallet from the workshop.  Here’s a sampling of possibilities with these artist’s colours… coming up are video clips exploring the pallet, techniques I learned at the Santa Fe workshop as well as my “Painting Project ’18”.

Video clip #3 provides a glimpse  of my sketches from the workshop.  Notice the difference in the 1st charcoal sketch and all subsequent sketches.  David and Sherrie emphasized and discussed the importance of thinking and drawing three dimensionally.  My primary focus has been in painting, but some of the strongest insights from the workshop emerged with the 2 minute gesture drawings you see here.  It’s extremely important to be be exposed to such experienced  artists.  They have very different perspectives and techniques which open up an entirely new world to those of us who love to create.

Vdeo clip #4 is an introduction to my “Painting Project ’18”.  Here you see a still live setup (one of the many things I learned to do at the workshop) as I arrange the composition.  Over time the project will evolve with more complex ideas. Painting Project ’18 will begin with 6 live oil studies, an exploration of techniques as well as the colour pallet from the Santa Fe Art Workshop.  Video clips will be posted online in the coming months as I create new artwork.

Follow the “Painting Project ’18” as it develops, on roxannedyer.com, on VIMEO, Instagram, and Facebook.

I hope you enjoy the videos; please leave a comment.  I’d love to know your thoughts and what experience you’ve had  working with talented artists you admire.   Feel free to share the clips.

Images from Santa Fe & the workshop.

About Santa Fe…

This was actually my first visit to New Mexico.  A very different place, strange to say but I didn’t realize I was in the desert and 7200ft above sea level until I got there.  Jet lagged and dizzy from the altitude I found myself winded often but I still walked about when there was time.  The Lodge at Santa Fe is a lovely place to stay; very comfortable and with a kind and accommodating staff.

I arrived in Santa Fe late afternoon  on March 20th and had a full day to rest before the workshop began.  There were 5 demos, all in the evenings so we could maximize our time during the day…really work on our drawing and painting.  We worked from 9am to 4:30pm daily.  It was intense… but I will have to go back and see more of the area.  My focus was the workshop so I took advantage of the proximity and comfort of my quarters to rest regularly and keep my energy up.

We managed a little time to socialize; so I visited with an incredibly interesting group of folks from all North America… there was sparkling conversation and several hosts generously opened their lovely homes to us.  Environmentally it’s very different from our Canadian style of life.

I saw a big spider on the sidewalk one day; big.  I think it was a T.Rex, …might as well have been…yikes.

The architecture is wonderful and the colour combinations combined with their soft light creates a magical environment. It’s actually very quiet there; the locals are warm and inviting.  I enjoyed Santa Fe a great deal.

I’ll have to create another opportunity go back…that won’t be so difficult to do.



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About the Author:

Capturing light to render it’s effects is one reason Roxanne loves to create art. Preferred subjects for her oil paintings are the human form, florals in their environment, still life including teacups and satin bows, skyscapes and hot air balloons. Her current focus is the figure in portrait painted with a view to expressing emotion by capturing light and rendering it’s effects. With a painting career spanning 20 years, Roxanne completed her Fine Arts degree at Concordia University in 1998.  An exhibitor in numerous group and solo exhibitions, Roxanne’s original artwork has won several awards, hangs in collections internationally and has been published in InternationalArtist.com Magazine. A finalists in the 2008 fine art competition Roxanne’s painting L’Habilleuse was featured in the November 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine’s Competition Spotlight. Roxanne is currently developing a body of work for exhibition in 2019. Spring 2018 she attended an art workshop given by David A. Leffel, Sherrie McGraw and Jacqueline Kaman of The Artists Guild in Santa Fe. Roxanne traveled to Italy in 2013 to attend artist David Jon Kassan’s workshop at the JSS in Civita Castellana.


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Peony #2 oil painting by artist Roxanne Dyer.

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