The VALENTINE Painting Project

“CUPID” oil painting on canvas. 24″ x 30″

Exploration Canvas for a Painting…

The images below are a conceptual exploration and canvas of the elements for the oil painting titled “CUPID”.

I’m beginning this new year with an amusing topic.  Below are the images, ideas, from where the painting “CUPID” has evolved.  I’m exploring light, reflection, line, volume, movement, colour and sound.  While the immediate relationship of each image to the painting might not be evident, the play of ideas helped answer subtle questions as I approached the artwork.  Links to videos were created inside a few of the canvas images so you could see how I explored (played with) ideas.  Lots of fun, a great place to let the mind wander…and perfect environment to nourish budding ideas.

The final painting is a composite of several images.  Without access to “real” cherubs or cute babies sitting on clouds with access to a bow & arrow (for the sole purpose of bonding humans together), I appropriated various gorgeous stock images to create the magic…. a beautiful toddler, romanticized archery supplies, & wings….many many many images of wings.  What a challenge they were be to paint!  It’s was the lighting, making up the lighting that was greatest claim on my efforts.  Of course “CUPID” is a valentine; abandoning myself to that idea rather than getting, well, bent out of shape while asking, “… what the heck I was thinking…” was a very good recourse.  This was a lot of work.  Confession: I relaxed into my tasks and enjoyed every perplexing moment.

I hope you enjoy my conceptual exploration and canvas of the elements for “CUPID”.  If you did, I’d love to know what you thought of the VALENTINE Project… leave a comment below.

This post is a work in progress & continues until February 14th, 2018.  The oil painting “CUPID” was presented on February, 8th.

Leave a comment below..

Leave a comment below..