806, 2018

“Inside Out” Art Exhibition, June 16 to July 15, ’18

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"Inside Out " the exhibition.   As long as I can remember... I’ve always felt like a little girl.  I attributed this to feelings of insecurity, immaturity until a few years ago.  Now I understand it was the playful child in me; as one friend observed, “…it’s your creative self.”  This is my current inner [...]

705, 2018

Exhibition & Vernissage May 11 – 13 ’18

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see "Clementines With Leaves” details The Women's Art Society of Montreal 2018 Exhibition.  Here's your invitation... Check it out on VIMEO ... or Youtube.  Location:  Concordia Grey Nuns Residence Hall Address: [...]

2904, 2018

Art Workshop in Santa Fe, March, 2018

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About the Santa Fe Art Workshop... In March I attended a workshop given by artists David A. Leffel, Sherrie McGraw & Jacqueline Kamin of The Artists Guild.  I'm very excited to share with you what I learned through the experience, tips and ideas as well as a new project and series of artwork I've been inspired to create [...]

1901, 2018


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The VALENTINE Painting Project "CUPID" oil painting on canvas. 24" x 30" Exploration Canvas for a Painting... The images below are a conceptual exploration and canvas of the elements for the oil painting titled "CUPID". I'm beginning this new year with an amusing topic.  Below are the images, ideas, from where the painting "CUPID" has [...]

3011, 2017

“Roses in a Crystal Vase”

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"Roses in a Crystal Vase" oil on linen, 36" x 36" $5500. Inquiries:  telephone: 514-935-9286;   email: Details of "Roses in a Crystal Vase"  "Roses in a Vase" (detail 1) "Roses in a Vase" (detail 2) "Roses in [...]

511, 2017

Art Collecting for the Newbie

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This guide is for the budding art collector looking for strategies the seasoned collector has mastered. Understanding that creating an Art Collection takes time, patients and planning, the savvy collector might be a little more strategic in approach but decidedly passionate in temperament. They understand that the acquisition of a work of original art is an experience that leads [...]