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Watch the video about the little BALLOON oil paintings now!

…and read Roxanne’s answer to the question: “How long did it take you to paint that?”  The video is a trailer about the little “Balloon Paintings” inspired by the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. The most recent festival took place on August 12 to 20th, 2017.  The little “Balloon Paintings” series was launched at Art Westmount 2016 on Oct. 1st & 2nd, 2016.

Hot Air BALLOON Paintings

The Little BALLOON Oil Paintings

The little “Balloon” oil paintings, or “Airships” as they are titled, each averaged about 1 week to complete.  I took those images 15 years ago… every year, while pouring over the archives of thousands of photos I collected, I pondered my little balloon images.  I began painting them when the time was right, when I was inspired to work with them.  There’s a piece of the balloon story that I haven’t revealed; …and I’m still thinking about that…

“How long did it take you to paint that?”

One of the questions I get asked the most as an artist is “How long did it take you to paint that?”  It’s a reasonable question from an art lover eager to understand the “goings on” behind the scenes of an artist’s process.  So…how long… well, it depends.  There are many answers; for each piece of art, there’s most often a different answer.  Here’s an example…

Back in 2000, I was creating mainly floral oil paintings.  I regularly collected images from near & far, the U.K., Italy, the U.S. & here at home in our various public & private gardens & glass houses in Montreal & across Canada.  It was a labour of great passion.  One particular visit to our local Victorian glass house in Westmount, provided me with the loveliest image of a grouping of tulips.  I love cut flowers, but my thing is to paint flowers in their environment.  

So…, I carried that image around with me for 2 years before I began the painting.  I considered scale & proportion of the canvas ( I wanted great “big” tulips), I considered the pallet, I considered the effect & “feeling” I wanted to communicate, etc. etc….  Finally, one October afternoon, after considerable deliberation & calculations, I headed out to purchase my materials.  A day or so following I sawed the lengths of wood for my stretcher (yes, I had a miter box & saw) then assembled the stretcher with nails & glue, measuring diagonally to be sure to have 90degree corners.  I don’t do this anymore; I put my back back out so many times!  The following day I stretched the canvas over the support & then gessoed it , probably 3 times.  Then I began the artwork… the sketch, …the under painting, … layers & layers of deep rich pigmented washes,…finally, working “wet in wet”, I scumbled soft juicy warm white gobs of paint through the painting.  Wow! I had a painting epiphany…oh my.  That was a serious turning point in my painting process….but I digress..  The entire process, from calculating the materials to completing the oil painting of the tulips, I named the painting “Partiality”, took about 2 weeks.  So, how long did it take me to paint “Partiality”? …2 weeks? ….2 years?…  It’s also reasonable to consider my experience, my studies, my existence.  I believe that each painting is a distillation of all these things.  




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Peony 2 oil painting

Peony #2 oil painting by artist Roxanne Dyer.

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Beauty, grace and refinement are the qualities Roxanne Dyer explores when painting the sublime peony.  Peonies are especially lovely and generously offer many opportunities to create gorgeous arrangements that beautify the intimate universe, your home, your life.  Roxanne explores the peony’s personality liberally and arrives with a composition that is very much about the essence of “the peony”.  They are gorgeous…they represent all that is beautiful in our world…simultaneously strong and delicate, light but dramatic, moving but serene.  This image is based on Roxanne’s original oil painting titled “Peony Impressions #1” Click on this link to visit the “Peony Impressions” Art Print Collection  All printed products are made to order of the finest materials available and delivered to your door. Accessories/ frame etc. not included. (shipping included) Enjoy!