My Story & Why I Love to Create Art

Capturing light to render it’s effects is one reason I love to create art.  Oil painting life sized figures allows me to explore the limits of the pigments and compare them with human emotion.  Possessing highly emotional tone & strong sense of movement, my figures have often been described as dancers. I like to use the subtle qualities of translucent & reflected light in order to intrigue the viewer & seduce them into engaging with the painting narrative.  Sharing ideas with people who delight in such dialogues is a strong motivating factor of my artistic practice.

For me, art is about joy; and when I’m engaged in the process of creating a new work, that’s the most profound emotion I feel. Of course there’s an entire range of emotions experienced during the process; but it’s those still, peaceful, joyful feelings that surround me during such time which are like none other.

There’s a lot of art out there that’s not about joy… so I like to paint realism, sometimes slightly abstracted but beautiful objects & joyful ideas. I think that the virtue of beauty, it’s evidence & ideas have been lost to us, to the world; well, maybe.. just hidden. For those of us who wish to develop our talents & make a valuable contribution during our lifetime, apart from traditional worldly pursuits, creating art is a wonderful occupation.

I’m a visual artist. Oil painting & drawing are my primary focus; preferred subjects are figures, florals, teacups, satin & organza bows, hot air balloons & skyscapes… among various new subjects I’m developing. Of the human form, I enjoy creating portrait interpretations, abstractions of the figure & objects representing the figure, such as mannequins. Oil paintings of my florals depict tulips, roses, irises & lilies mainly rooted in their earthy environment. 

The cycle of sharing & receiving is one vital reason I love to paint. To create believable illusions in an oil painting is enormously satisfying. But most inspiring is the feedback from people who observe my artwork & take the time to express their opinions, to describe how they perceive the art, what it meant to them, how they were moved. Painting is visual story telling; an impressive image can communicate a great deal. When storytelling, visual or otherwise, is inspired, I believe it can become a catalyst for creativity in others in all areas of their lives.

Completing a Fine Arts degree was one of my greatest dreams come true. An exhibitor in numerous group & solo exhibitions, my artwork has won several awards, hangs in collections internationally & has been published in International Magazine and The Artist’s Magazine.